Mechanical industry on both sides of this year over the poles

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Machinery industry on the face of the global economic slowdown, and fortune, polarization, mechanical, the estimated annual growth of 10% in revenue this year, the Taiwan production and exports decreased 5%, eighth efforts challenge trillion industry losses.

27, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait mechanical industry held in 2015, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will establish a cooperative mechanism for cooperation platform, looking for business and industry to join the point of cooperation.

Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Association jointly organized the 2015 cross-strait mechanical industrial exchange, 27, debut in taichung. Mechanical association chairman Co Bashi will be held in the exchange meeting, to visit the Chinese Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Song Xiaogang and others suggest that customers have to accept the cross-strait production controller needs time to accept, hoping to cross ECFA early harvest list by the controller to the provisions of the January 1, 2016 cross-strait production enjoy zero tariff concessions, 5 years later the implementation of.

Kebaxi further said, although the cross-strait machinery industry competition in the market, but due to industrial cooperation in the 4 wave, wisdom and wisdom manufacturing machinery, Taiwan to promote the productivity of 4, the government plans to invest 36 billion yuan in 9 years, the development of industrial 4, Chinese has 2025 manufacturing Chinese. Intelligent manufacturing is the core of wisdom machinery, industrial machinery industry is 4 on both sides of the Taiwan Straits Crisis is turning, mechanical combination of Taiwan IT and the advantage of the electronic industry, have the opportunity to catch up with the United States and Japan and Germany and other countries.

Song Xiaogang pointed out that the Chinese car into the machinery industry, machinery industry output value, added value and profits accounted for China total industrial output value of 20%, although the Chinese machinery industry from rapid growth to the rapid growth in 2015, but the income increase is still more than 10% Chinese machinery business, profit growth of 15%, the annual export growth of 8%. Cross-strait machinery industry by the 1 annual meeting of the exchange platform, combined with the advantages of the two sides of the mechanical industry, to find the entry point for cooperation between enterprises or industry.

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