Corporate culture

The company slogan of discipline

Due diligence, initiative work is a prerequisite to do all the work;

Daily reading, every day doing, every day to realize is to solve all the problems of the "golden key"";

More solid, more in-depth, more specific work is to enhance the effect of magic;

More in place, more thoroughly is the only standard to test the effectiveness of the work.

Enterprise spirit

Wisdom, initiative, honesty, detail

chain of survival

Enterprise life department products, product life quality, quality life department employees, employees of the Department of life!

enterprise style

Solid, careful, detail oriented, quick response, action immediately;

To seek truth from facts, resolutely Every order is executed without fail., loyalty.

Business purpose

Depending on the user for God, when it comes to;

Department of quality, such as life, focusing on action.

Management policy

Quality plant, management efficiency, innovation and development, talent for the.


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