Production equipment
    Production equipment
    The company has a variety of hot and cold upsetting production equipment more than and 70, from raw materials to the restructuring of the product forming, heat treatment, surface treatment, product testing, packaging, all completed in the company.

  • Annealing
  • Derusting
  • Cold form
  • Cold form & thread
  • Thread rolling
  • Heat-treat
  • Zinc plating
  • Zinc plating

  • Quality inspection equipment
    The company has specialized laboratories, with digital hardness tester, microscope, universal testing machine, axial force tester, hydrogen embrittlement test device, magnetic particle detector, metallographic analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer and salt spray test machine and other testing equipment, to ensure the comprehensive examination of the chemical composition of raw material and products, mechanical properties, hardness the coating thickness and corrosion resistance, to ensure that all products meet the standard requirements to customer satisfaction.

  • Tensile tester(300KN & 2000KN)
  • Impact tester
  • VariousTesters
  • Metalloscope
  • Automatic image projector
  • Metalloscope
  • P&C LAB
  • Salt Spraying Tester & Thickness tester
  • Vertical direct reading spectrometer

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