Talent strategy

Qianqiutaiye, talent oriented. Enterprise competition in the final analysis is the competition of talent, how to develop talents, training talents and talents, and give full play to the positive role of talent, is placed in front of each enterprise an important issue. I think that in the new situation of increasingly fierce competition in the market, only with the guidance of the enterprise development strategy, through innovation system construction, ability and mechanism, and explore a new way of practical talent cultivation, use and management, to promote enterprise reform development and stability.

First, strengthen the enterprise development strategy under the guidance of the urgency of personnel training

The two pioneering enterprises put forward new and higher requirements to the enterprise. Requires the long-term development of strategic objectives, need to have sufficient intellectual resources for support, in particular, to have a sufficient number of enterprise personnel. Therefore the enterprise must adhere to the cultivation of talents as the first priority for enterprise development to further emancipate the mind in the talent work, we must renew the concept of talent, adhere to the people-oriented guiding ideology, talent, firmly establish the "talent resources are the first resource, the human resources are the most valuable capital, market competition is the talent competition" consciousness and expand the scope of candidates, adhere to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first standard, the only merit, not sticking to formalities. Continue to strengthen the construction of talent team, optimize the allocation of human resources, to promote the healthy growth of personnel, to train a match with the modern enterprise management talents, service enterprises two business.

Two, strengthen the system construction, improve the level of enterprise personnel management

In accordance with the needs of the long-term development planning, enterprise sustainable development from a strategic height to grasp the enterprise personnel training work, adhere to the project as a strategy for the long-term development of the enterprise to cultivate talents selection of outstanding enterprises, focusing on enterprise talent management system and regulation of the key, establish a sound institutional mechanism of enterprise talent management, effectiveness enhance the management of enterprise personnel, improve public confidence in the enterprise selection and the satisfaction of the masses.

Three, outstanding execution and comprehensive capacity building, targeted to increase the training of enterprise personnel management

Stress the construction of talents in enterprises. One is the requirement of enterprise personnel to establish "everyone is the image of all first-class" concept, must do the work fine, do fine, make progress, improve understanding, execution, conscientiously implement the decisions of enterprises, strict demands on themselves in various aspects, establish a good image of enterprise talents. The two is to enhance the enterprise talent to become exemplary execution, emphasis on enterprise talent to break the inertia of thinking and traditional constraints, thoughts and actions must be highly consistent with the party, do government decrees, Every order is executed without fail. Through targeted to strengthen the implementation of the construction, enterprise personnel in the production line everywhere to become a model of cadres and workers.

Four, pay attention to the effectiveness of enterprise personnel training

Enterprises should pay close attention to the work of talent innovation, and strive to achieve the upgrading of talent. Actively implement the strategic human resource management, promote the overall development of talents, optimizing the structure of talent, cultivate a large number of jobs need to adapt to the production of professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel, a large number of business, understand management, good management of the management personnel, a large number of understand the political, ideological and political work will do political work personnel. Vigorously carry out staff training, and further promote the quality of workers and the construction of learning oriented enterprises. Open fair and impartial selection of talents, expand the reserve of key talents and reserve talents, to absorb the external talents green channel and internal talent flow channels. The formation of a high quality, excellent style, rich experience, a reasonable age structure of enterprise core in the senior team for the two business development services company, the comprehensive construction of a new modern enterprise to provide a strong talent and intellectual guarantee.


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