Stainless steel fasteners used in the wind power industry

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Stainless steel fasteners used in the wind power industry

With the development of the world economy and the increasing depletion of non renewable energy such as oil, the emerging green energy is getting more and more attention. As a kind of green energy, wind energy has the advantages of no pollution, low cost, short construction period and so on. It has gradually developed and expanded at the end of last century. With the continuous exploration of wind power projects, wind power technology is becoming mature, reliable product quality, availability has reached more than 95%, is a safe and reliable energy. China is rich in wind energy resources, but also has foreign mature technology can be used for reference, and vigorously develop the project is the inevitable trend of the future.

At present, there are three categories as follows:

A. tower bolt: bolt used on the wind turbine tower, the main use of the GB/T 1228~1231, DIN 6914~6916 and DAST six hexagon head auxiliary bolt connection of steel structures.

B. whole bolt: that is, the use of wind turbine bolts, the main use of GB/T 5782, GB/T 5783, GB/T 70.1, GB/T 6170, GB/T six and other 97 angle head bolts, six angle bolts, six angle nut and washer.

C. blade bolt: that is, to connect the wind turbine blade bolts, mainly for some of the products of the non - standard double headed bolt and T round nut, etc..

The manufacturing process of high strength fasteners for wind power, from the perspective of technology involves many subjects, involving the procedure from the perspective of production, multi sector, multi link comes from the management point of view, from the perspective of measures involving the production cost.

Wind power fasteners have a series of characteristics in technology: high strength, high precision grade service; harsh conditions, it will host together with perennial withstand heat and cold and extreme temperature test, high temperature, low temperature erosion; high power, the highest level 5MW; speed difference, vibration, corrosion and load; in addition to being the axial pre tension loads, but also by the tension of alternating load, additional work in the transverse shear alternating load or the compounded bending load, sometimes under shock load; transverse alternating load will cause additional axial bolt looseness, alternating load will cause the fatigue fracture of bolt. Under the action of environmental media, the axial tensile load can lead to the delayed fracture of the bolt, and the bolt of the bolt under high temperature condition.

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