India industry welcomes the imposition of anti-dumping duties on Chinese made car parts

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According to the India Times reported on October 26th, the India industry welcomed the central government to impose anti-dumping duties on the part of auto parts imported from China, and said that India needs to take more measures to achieve the "made in India" ambition.

India day before the start of the import of China's heavy commercial vehicle in front of the bridge and steering knuckle anti-dumping duties, the tax rate from 0.35 U.S. dollars / kg to $1.11 / kg. Printing industry association chairman Hu home that the focus would not only contribute to the auto parts manufacturer, but also will benefit other industries. A show to help industrial development, but also need to take more measures, first of all to understand why China can export so cheap products. In China, the machinery industry has a regular loan interest rate of 4%, while India is 14%; in addition, India's operating capital rate is also very high, these two points in India can not compete with other countries". A also pointed out that the industry should have the ability to compete independently, thus no need to anti-dumping duties and other measures.

Indian auto parts manufacturers association chairman Singer also expressed appreciation for the measures, and expressed the need for such a move to protect the industry, and we hope the government will take more measures and multi pronged policy to help the industry to improve international competitiveness, especially for Chinese. If you want to make all of India's manufacturing slogans fall into place, the government needs to help manufacturers and cut interest rates sharply.

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