Congratulated the 2016 shareholder / employee representative and the commendation of the General Assembly held smoothly

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At 8:00 on January 6th, 2016, the company held a classroom on the second floor of shareholders, employees and the commendation of the General Assembly, at the meeting, the chairman made a "four sentences to practice, improving the ability to work more in place, to further increase efficiency." report on the work

Chairman of the report reviews the past year's work, the profit target completion thankfully, sales and product yield indicators unfinished is the direction of our next efforts.

Last year's work experience:

We went through the first half of orders foot, task tight, began the third quarter in July, a shortage of orders, but also to meet the scheduled task to start production in September fell to four quarters in December, a slight recovery in the tortuous process, to help us analyze the unfinished production and sales plan is not the market situation is bad, but our sales caused by unfavorable market development.

Since 2006, the Board of Directors proposed a "learning culture malleable, Huayang committed to the development of" the call (or activities), by the end of 2015, we have learned the tenth anniversary of the "Decade" period in one's life or the company's development can not be said to be a short period of time, then what have we learned? How's the effect? Learning Magang decades, we really grow up, production, sales, profits increasing year by year, this is our culture of learning malleable, changing ways of thinking and working methods change, committed to Huayang development results, but compared with Magang company, there is a big gap, we study the behavior of very superficial, but also remain on the surface, no depth, no solid, reflected in the specific things that are not in place, is not complete, our cognitive thinking and style of work and malleable phase than there is a big gap, so our gap larger.

ADMINISTRATIVE malleable and have a big gap compared to 2006, we propose a learning Magang should reach "four-class." Namely the construction of a first-class management team, to create a first-class technology (management) level. Create first-class quality of the staff. Adhere to continuous improvement, optimize existing resources, to create the domestic first-class fastener manufacturers. Later we have proposed (four words): due diligence, initiative to do a good job is a prerequisite for all the work; every day to read, do every day, every day, Wu is to solve all problems "golden key"; more solid, more thorough, more specifically, It is to enhance the results of the work key to success; more in place, a more thorough inspection is the sole criterion for effectiveness. And we clearly "six conscious employees" workshop is to strengthen management, improve the efficiency of the specific requirements, but in actual implementation level, we do have poor management of cadres do not yet fully performed actively, unconditional implementation. "Four points" "Six conscious", there is no depth engraved in each management cadres and staff "bones", but did not become "conscious" actions.

Key issues this year's work

A. Change awareness, boost morale

Division I to highlight the "most essential work of enterprise is profit" point of view, the development of the company's long-term development plan objectives.

1), combined with the current business practice, we plan three years of development goals:

This year: Taking into account the new plant relocation factors, develop: output of 20,000 tons, 22 million yuan of profits;

Next year (2017): production of 24,000 tons, 26 million yuan of profits;

The year after (2018); output of 30,000 tons, 33 million yuan of profits.

2) We envisage 2025 (Ten-Year Plan): The company should achieve conformity to "four-class" standard, namely:

First-class management team, first-class technology (management) level. First-class quality of the staff. Domestic first-class fastener manufacturers.

Specific signs are: lean production management, manufacturing operations automation, business intelligence operations.

Specific indicators: production of 50,000 tons, sales of 500 million yuan and profits 100 million yuan

two. Management cadres at all levels, particularly senior management cadres should take the lead in mind the "four points", practice the "four points", improving the ability to get the job done, do thorough.

① production this year of 20,000 tons, 22 million yuan of profits unwavering mission, whether or not that difficulties much must unswervingly implemented.

② is the lowest yield 20,000 tons of production this year, can not be treated as the highest standards of production quotas is the minimum amount each month, exceeded only, not less than.

③ If the market situation permits, the customer demand, we should earnestly implement the "customer-centric" thinking, doing everything possible to incremental expansion to meet the needs of customers, we must not yield to the lowest amount in terms of an excuse to lose customer needs . And let slip the opportunity to make money in the market.

three. Management cadres at all levels, especially the workshop director (management) should take the lead in "six conscious employees" criteria, bearing in mind in the heart, lead in practicing the "six conscious."

① workshop director should seriously organizational communication will be a good start after classes and classes before the communication will be in both meetings, workshop director must be combined with their own actual plant, the requirements of the company to convey and implement every level employees; workshop director to summarize the analytical work to guide employees' value orientation, is treated in accordance "six employees consciously standard" good deeds workshop appears, sum, recognition; treatment appears incompatible with the "six conscious staff standards," the police job, to be good at analysis problem, lack the courage to point out, dare penalties accidents and personnel responsibilities.

② department and office management staff must be able to:

"I go to the workshop, go to the site, to find the problem and the courage to solve the problem."

To take the initiative to issue the workshop to participate in their classes before the workshop and communication will be at the meeting and workshop director initiative to help raise the level of awareness of the problem operator, implementation process and improve the ability to work, to be good at enhancing education and training plant operators technical level to achieve "six conscious employees" standard.

four. ADMINISTRATIVE staff especially malleable to active learning culture

We learn malleable culture, the emphasis should be on malleable "executive culture" Our biggest difference is malleable and execution of administrative cadres bad, I have said many times, the implementation of malleable correct decision, administrative cadres in place, success key. However, for our decision, the Board of Directors in the implementation of "the hard and difficult."

This year, cadres at all levels and tube service personnel to consciously control malleable similar job responsibilities, work style and thinking cognitive control malleable cadres from shortcomings. Active learning, active practice.

We also want to practice four sentences, improving the ability to work more in place. As "everyday enlightenment" of habitual behavior, and make sure the initiative to implement, fast execution, execution amplification.

four. Tube service personnel at all levels must follow the "daily reading" requirements, to seriously study and their own job-related technical expertise.

We increasingly recognize: Our low-level technical personnel, poor execution, low efficiency. Has been far can not meet the current needs of enterprise development, not to mention our goal is to "four-class" na?

To become a department manager or excellent workshop, you must first become a department (or workshop) of experts (expert), enterprises in the current work, lay leadership is not knowledgeable.

Know enough then to learn.

We must learn the content: ① the production of economic responsibility assessment program, ② manufacturing drawings and production technology, ③ product quality standards, ④ product testing methods and procedures, ⑤ equipment instructions and procedures, ⑥ precision equipment test.

Learn more malleable and workshop director content presented must be done "Seven understand" is consistent, for tube service personnel at all levels to their duties and weaknesses, come up with specific learning program.

Recently, the company organizational requirements managers, workshop director on the work undertaken to lecture everyone is a good way to do this so that we can both benefit acquire knowledge, but also promote lectures personnel improve the technical level. We should stick to it.

Fifth, several issues stressed

1.PDCA Work Act, 5W1H work law, order, promote, help, catch, check the work of law, is an effective method of control and inspection work, we must unswervingly stick to it.

2. We must seriously study well "Toyota four rules" apply their knowledge in accordance with the requirements, learn, make good use of the rule.

3. The lean production management, manufacturing operations automation, business intelligence operations, is a modern corporate logo, is "leading fastener manufacturers" standard, "Made in China 2025" requirement is our pursuit of the Ten-Year Plan aims.

4. We must be more solid, more thorough, more particularly bearing in mind the four sentences, practicing four sentences, enhanced executive power, solidly do the current work, we can continue to practice and achieve our objectives .

Chairman last four sentences do Conclusion:

Due diligence, initiative to do a good job is a prerequisite for all the work;

Read every day, every day to do, every day, Wu is the golden key to solve all the problems;

More solid, more depth and more particularly to enhance the results of the work key to success;

More in place, a more thorough inspection is the sole criterion for effectiveness.

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