The development of fastener industry in our country presents the trend of "three"

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Since China fastener industry has attracted global attention, Chinese fastener industry in the situation of global economic integration, how to carry out the work better, go15. How to speed up the pace of development, that is, China fastener enterprises have the opportunity to seize the market adjustment period, enhance our product quality, strengthen our product development, to do strong and big.

At present, the fastener industry, the development of the industry chain presents a "three" trend, which is very conducive to the rapid development of the industry.

Cluster, the relative concentration of the region that fastener enterprises, such as Guangdong, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Yongnian, Haiyan, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta fastener production base, similar to the adjacent enterprise cluster together with local Fastener Association led, and gain a competitive advantage through continuous innovation. In the fastener product cluster, has the characteristics of small and medium-sized private enterprises play an important role, they support leading enterprises for OEM production. In the special field of competition and cooperation, the formation of an industrial chain. Since 2008, the fastener industry has taken the strategic adjustment, around the material production, reduce logistics, from the restructuring of environmental protection, raw materials, pollution source to take measures to form a logistics and material supply professional one-stop production. Some of the associated production and enterprises engaged in.

Information, with the fastener enterprise market competition space and the scope of further expansion, enterprise information as how to effectively use and management of the overall management of the enterprise resource management ideas. Using ERP computer network system for enterprise logistics, capital flow, information flow integration management, its core is to realize the "supply chain" management. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprise lT technical strength is insufficient, but the enterprise is still in full consideration of the introduction of ERP system, from the management of the benefits. This is because the ERP system in manufacturing, finance, sales and other functions, but also increased the human resources, customer service and service quality feedback, equipment management, decision support and so on, accurately grasp the pulse of the market demand and other functions, support enterprise group, transnational operation, its main purpose is to all aspects of enterprise resources allocate and balance, suitable for the integration of the global economy, the diversification of customer needs, the production cycle is shortened, such a fierce competition in the market environment, so that enterprises with their full potential of the enterprise in the fierce competition in the market, so as to enable enterprises to achieve better economic efficiency. From the characteristics of the development of technology, as technology integration, integration of the advanced technology and excellent enterprise own enterprise technology upgrading; from product development characteristics, performance from low-grade products to high-end products in more than 8.8 grade high strength fastener interface integration. From the point of view of enterprise management, the quality of work, product quality, production management, production progress gradually into the network process.

Service, the fasteners of the large number of enterprises, enterprises including from market research, product development or improvement, manufacturing and sales, customer service service until the recovery of the whole process, involving the whole life cycle of the products, reflecting the full range of customer service, to serve the community spirit. With the advent of the global economy, the "world factory" in China fastener enterprises are or are ready to be transformed into a sense of "service industry" and "information industry"".

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