Expert: C919 with 20 fighters each screw are not domestic reality

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In November 2nd, the first domestic R & D China commercial aircraft C919 large aircraft off the production line. This is undoubtedly an exciting thing, but excited, we have also heard a variety of "different" voices, which have questioned the sound, there are not satisfied with the sound, there are also worried about the sound.

Question "made in China" - every one of the screws is unrealistic.

"Questioned" the voice, the most typical is the so-called domestic large aircraft that "made" two words of the question. Some people say that C919 is a product of international cooperation, it's many core parts, including its engine, and foreign cooperation products, then such a large aircraft, can be called domestic?

C919 of the "domestic" question, may wish to use the example of our side. For example, our chef made a popular new dishes, but this dish is not all processes are completed by the chef, the process of machining is responsible for cutting, washing vegetables. The chef to do is according to his method of cooking into popular dishes, can not say that this dish chef cooked?

In fact, commercial aircraft, the world's R & D and production mode, is the way of international cooperation. Such as commercial aircraft project, international cooperation as the chef cooking dishes, the overall design is the core of things, who mastered the overall design who mastered the plane eventually intellectual property, mastered the core technology of the whole. In fact, there is no model of commercial large aircraft, each screw is produced by a country. For China, this has just embarked on the road to the development of the commercial road, the requirements of each screw in the domestic production, is clearly unrealistic. At the same time this is not in line with the law of the business, because international cooperation can make large aircraft research and development of technical risks and costs to a minimum, so that it can achieve the best performance.

C919 research and development plan shows that as the aircraft continues to mature, it will continue to improve the degree of localization, especially the engine. In fact, our country also has a high performance of the Yangtze River -1000 high performance engine research and development planning, localization is a process, and this process may be relatively long.

So how to make our large aircraft can be developed as soon as possible, to the market is more accepted by the user, it is clear that international cooperation is a convenient way, is a shortcut.

Do not meet the "models"? - "little children" will stand before you can run

In addition to questioning, a different voice is a "not satisfied" voice. Some netizens said C919 can only be considered a medium-sized trunk aircraft, there is a big gap between the world's top large commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing 787, is clearly not in one order of magnitude.

Like localization is a process, we go on the road to research and development of large commercial aircraft is also a process, just like a child, will stand will go to run. Currently C919 choice of such a model, it should be said to be quite appropriate, because the order of the main trunk of this order of C919 is the most widely used. We see that the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 C919 is the main object of business competition, the two models can be said to be the world's best selling two models at the same time, the domestic development of large aircraft early more aimed at the domestic demand, and the level in the domestic aviation market models is the biggest demand models, so the choice of C919 order of magnitude as the breakthrough point of domestic aircraft R & D, production, should obviously be more appropriate.

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