Foreign media: Malaysia invited China Iron and other enterprises to discuss high-speed rail projects

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Foreign media said the Malaysia Transportation Committee Chairman of the public land match in Hami said that the authorities have invited 14 companies including Chinese railway company, involved in the new long high-speed rail project interviews and provide relevant suggestions. He said that the new long high-speed rail project is currently only the final bidding stage, after which can start.

According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on December 15th, 14 days in the China match Hami railway company and other units organized by the "Chinese high-speed railway exhibition & technical seminar" said road public transport committee (referred to as Lu intersection) and Singapore land transport authority has passed information to consult the book (RFI) way to consult the market more than 200, and intends to participate in the above-mentioned projects to respond to the enterprise.

He said the land trade fair selected from these companies 98, and then invited 14 of them to provide advice on the project. He said that China has shown a strong desire to participate in the new grand project, and in their proposed development plan to show enthusiasm".

Reported that China Railway Corporation has submitted a plan in 2012, indicate the intention to participate in the construction of a new high speed rail, but the land trade fair has rejected its proposal. Hami, said: "we see China's contribution and efforts in this project, such as the China high-speed rail technology seminar, but also show their great willingness to."

He said that nearly 80% Malaysia railway project to China responsible for the most recent example is the Gemas electric railway train track to Johor, has been built by China railway company.

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