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In response to the continued downturn in the domestic car market, the local car brand car factory and parts enterprises are increasingly led to the hand.

The day before, from Chery's news, and the Zhejiang WanLiYang transmission company (hereinafter referred to as WanLiYang) after consultation, on the transmission of business integration signed a cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, Chery will gearbox technology and production equipment to stripping Zhejiang WanLiYang company. But before this, Geely and WanLiYang signed a cooperation agreement, will sell its passenger car gearbox production line and related assets to wanliyang.

In fact, Chery and Geely and WanLiYang joint venture is only a microcosm of the independent brand car enterprises and local parts enterprises together. Domestic independent brand car enterprises such as the Great Wall, BYD, etc., also began to do subtraction in the field of traditional parts".

Some analysts believe that the complementary interests of communities and parts enterprises through equity participation and other forms of help to change the OEM and parts enterprises situation alone. Next, the independent brand car enterprises gradually stripping parts business will be a new trend?

"Downsizing" trend

"At present, only Chery and WanLiYang signed a cooperation framework agreement, the specific details of the subsequent joint venture is still under discussion." Chery auto Limited by Share Ltd assistant general manager Jin Yibo in an "China business newspaper" reporter said, Chery's internal gearbox had only limited supply, external support is not conducive to the subsequent development of the Chery transmission project. Because of cost, profit and development prospects of consideration, Chery chose the development pattern of the joint venture with wanliyang.

In fact, through years of development, Chery has now become the only master of the whole series of transmission development technology in the automotive business, with 112 transmission patented technology. In particular, Chery's self-developed CVT stepless transmission, which belongs to the National 863 key projects, to fill the blank of our country's CVT independent intellectual property rights.

Coincidentally, in early March this year, Geely also and WanLiYang signed a "cooperation framework agreement". WanLiYang acquisition of passenger car gearbox with Geely Automobile (5MT, 6MT) production line and related assets, estimated the total transaction price of 300 million yuan. In addition, the company also listed companies Shuang Lin shares to another parts to sell its automatic transmission for R & D and manufacturing subsidiary of Australia DSI 61% stake in the company.

It is understood, and Geely will sell its previous manual transmission business to WanLiYang, itself still retains the 8 speed DCT gearbox project is different, the Chery transmission project in peel, R & D and manufacturing joint venture company to complete. Chery still holds shares in the joint venture, the follow-up will be through the procurement of the form to meet the needs of Chery's internal transmission." Jin Yibo said.

This also means that Chery, Geely as the representative of the independent brand car prices, began to gradually use the majority of its existing models of transmission assets transferred to the third party companies. However, in this process, Chery, Geely and other R & D projects still maintain the existing gearbox, and the gearbox is mainly the capacity for third party enterprises, also independent car enterprises to better technological achievements make considerable upfront investment to market operation.

"In the early stage of the development of independent brands, due to the closure of foreign parts and components manufacturers and constraints, some of the key parts of the core have to do their own work. Now the independent brand after more than and 10 years of accumulation, has initially mastered some key technologies, to solve the matching problem, "there is no 'next will invariably take a joint venture with the professional accessories factory to find better development mode." An independent brand car prices and parts related to the person in charge said.

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